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Warranty Options

We want to help you maintain your system and protect you loved ones!

WHy do I want a Warranty?

Radon Teks guarantees every installation to bring your radon levels below 4.0pCi/L. The installation includes a limited warranty of 1 year on parts and labor with a 5 year warranty for the fan motor. As the system ages it will need maintenance and repairs. Siding or Roofing repairs may require disconnecting the system for access and cause damage or improper installation after finishing their project. Weather and limbs falling from trees can cause damage to you radon mitigation system. This is where our warranties help you stay worry free when it comes to maintaining your system!

See our flyer below for more details about the warranty packages available to help you protect your loved ones.

Radon Teks is currently offering the Platinum Special Warranty at an amazing price.

Get a FREE Upgrade to the Platinum Special Warranty for the price of the Radon Plus Plan!!!

With the Platinum Special Warranty you can increase the warranty coverage, increase the radon testing options, and increase the savings on the maintenance of your radon mitigation system!!!

100% Full Warranty Coverage!

No Deductibles, No Hidden Fees, and No Hassle Plan!!!

Buy your warranty today to protect your radon mitigation system and SAVE on maintenance repair!

Radon Safe Warranty

What if you already have a radon mitigation system installed and want a warranty?

We Have Your Covered!

Sign up now and schedule your free evaluation of the mitigation system. After completing the evaluation, we will confirm if the system qualifies or any repairs may be necessary to qualify for the warranty. The great part is, by signing up before having the system evaluated qualifies you to receive an exclusive offer of a 20% discount for any repairs that are needed to qualify your system for the warranty!

The cost to replace a fan can easily cost $450 and up!

Electrical connections and switches can fail, and the system can become damaged by severe weather or falling limbs from trees.

Is your radon mitigation system covered from these repairs?

Want a plan that protects your family and includes all your necessary maintenance to keep your radon mitigation system operating?

Radon Teks is here to help you and your loved ones have a safe place to breathe!

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